Other News 2/1/19

Here’s some other stuff I’ve been thinking about this week and some fun links that may or may not interest you.


  • I look forward to Lainey’s Ma’s predictions for the Chinese New Year every year. Here’s one for my fellow monkeys…are you also concerned with the possibility of legal issues popping up? Other members of the zodiac can be found here. (Lainey Gossip)


  • I’ve been really invested in The Bachelor this season since I accidentally started doing really well in ABC’s Fantasy League. Caelynn’s sexual assault story last Monday really took me by surprise- not unfortunately, for it’s horrific details, but for how well I thought the show and Colton handled it. That being said, I thought they could have used a Content Warning in front of it (though I was watching on DVR so maybe they did and I just missed it somewhere). I’m kind of surprised it’s not being talked about anywhere, really. Vice was one of the few places I saw it thoughtfully discussed in relationship to the show’s previous history with claims of assault and harassment. (Vice)


  • I was thinking I wanted to go see A Star Is Born again before the Oscars (though I’m personally rooting for BlacKkKlansman for best picture) but now that I know Jackson Maine COULD HAVE HAD AN EARRING and someone nixed it, what’s the point? (Vulture)


  • So I know everyone is talking about the Fyre Festival documentaries still, but HAVE YOU SEEN TICKLED??? I was up until 4am the other day trying to learn everything I can about this man my brother called “the world’s first Super Villian”. It’s a trip and I need to talk about it with someone. (Tickled Movie)


  • I know I am from Boston, but I really hate football and Tom Brady. I could not care less about the super bowl. Therefore, I am in love with this Skittles Musical  – starring Michael C. Hall- that is the anti-super bowl commercial (but still a commercial). Let’s do this every year. (New York Times)


Have a great rest of your weekend!

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