What is interesting, really?

Starting a new blog about exciting things you’ve done during the week of a polar vortex really isn’t the smartest idea I’ve had. But I did do some things of note. Here’s the top three…

3. RENT: Not Live

Can we make her America’s Sweetheart yet? Like her and Chris Pine.

Okay, maybe it’s just me, the hosts of my favorite podcast, and a small number of musical theater nerds who really found watching Rent on Fox a truly thrilling experience, but fuck it, I don’t care. I still crave honest-to-goodness appointment television and Rent was penciled in my calendar months ago. Even though they ended up airing the tape from the previous night’s dress rehearsal due to an actor’s injury we were still all watching it together, you know? Did I totally love this version or think it held up to the one that sits on the mantle of my teenage memories? No, of course not, but I still felt so lucky to be even watch something I love so much performed on television and have a lot of North America pay attention. We don’t watch anything collectively anymore and it’s always amazing to get a large number of people to watch theatre, in any form.

I don’t want these particular posts to be a place for long winded reviews or think pieces, but I do want to say that I thought it had an almost P E R F E C T cast and kudos to everyone who put that group together and find more jobs for Vanessa Hudgens, please.

2. A Real Play: OTHELLO (at American Repertory Theatre)

It’s sad because they’re so cute. And then [SPOILER].
One of the few privileges of still living with my parents is that I’m literally 15 minutes from some world-class theatre and I don’t feel bad buying tickets to basically every show I want to see because I’m saving so much money at home.

It feels slightly odd to talk about a production that is less accessible to readers here, but I’ll just say if you have never seen Othello- which may be my fave Shakespearean tragedy- you should. And if you can see this particular production before it closes on February 9th– do it.

Plus you can see all of A.R.T.’s Tony Awards in their lobby and take selfie’s with them.


Saint Marie: Patron of Getting My Shit Together

For years now I have been avoiding anything with the words “life-chaning” and “sparks joy” when it comes to organizing, but I was getting over a cold at the beginning of the week and I put on the first episode of Tidying Up on Netflix; it seemed like something that I could tune in and out of while blowing my nose.

Anyway, it changed my life. I really related to the gay writer couple in episode five that weren’t super hoarder-y but wanted to feel more grown up and put together and couldn’t let go of all the personal attachment they had to papers (these are very mild spoilers, but also get over it). So the next day I decided to get to work on Marie’s first category: clothing.

Listen, my closet has never been so organized. The Konmari folding method has made me a legit better human. I’m still rolling my socks into a ball, but being able to see everything I own makes me feel super classy. I went to my local consignment shop the next day to try and sell a few of my nicer pieces and the line was OUT. THE. DOOR. Everyone just wants to tidy up now! Yay!

The woman in front of me was unloading her stuff on the counter and the Hip Employee working there was like, bored voice, “So what brings you in today?”

Woman: We’ll it’s not Tidying Up if that’s what you’re asking.

Hip Employee, with mild interest: Oh, no?

Woman: That show is UNWATCHABLE!

Me, silently: This is incorrect. It is the most watchable and relaxing show ever created.

Woman: Like it’s cool get organized, I guess, but it’s so boring to watch other people do it.

Me, still silent: Did you mean incredibly inspiring?

Hip Employee, emoting for the first time in six months: THANK YOU! IT’S THE WORST!

So now I’m sitting there, seething and ashamed of the hack establishment I chose to bring my carefully thanked and put away clothes to. By the time it was my turn I really wanted Hip Employee to ask what brought me in so I could make a scene, but I think she could tell I was a Kondo Konvert and didn’t bother.

She did take two of my Victoria Beckham (for target) blouses for a $14 credit, though, so she can’t be all bad.

And that was my week. Stay warm everyone!


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