Who is Jess?

This is Jess. But, like, keep reading for more info.

You might know Jess from her pervious blog, her Smash fan fiction, posting way too much about work on instagram, that one tweet about Gilmore Girls that got, like, a thousand likes, doing cheap tarot card readings on your private women-centric facebook group, or from being that really stressed out look stage manager at the community theater production of Little Women you saw two years ago.

While she is all of those things she is also an events manager for a local independent theater in the greater Boston area and occasional theatre teacher for children. She was finically motivated to live with her parents after college, but at 26, is actively looking to remedy that. She likes shirely temples, dogs, and all things arty. She is allergic to tree nuts and tree fruit and is pretty sure she knows where her epipen is. S

Her tweet about Gilmore Girls was feature on EW.Com AND People.com but those links are dead now and she doesn’t really tweet much anyway.

 You can contact her if you’d like a tarot card reading or would like her to email you her Smash fan fiction. Also follow her on insta. It’s all she really cares about anyway.